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Amini / ABC Italia now Step partner

Amini and its parent company ABC Italia are now partners of Label Step. The non-profit organisation with headquarters in Switzerland has the goal of improving the living and working conditions of carpet weavers. Accordingly, ABC Italia (including Amini) undertakes to comply with fair-trade rules at all production sites and agrees to independent on-site inspections. Amini’s handmade rugs and carpets are produced in Nepal, India and Afghanistan.

At the same time, the company is driving forward measures for sustainable carpet production together with Label Step – not least by making a regular financial contribution to the organisation's work. "The cooperation also aims to further improve the environmental performance of all production sites and to reduce energy and water consumption in the wool dyeing and carpet-washing facilities. Another aim is to rely on sustainable energy sources and waste water treatment," explains Reto Aschwanden, Managing Director of Label Step.

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Amini / ABC Italia now Step partner
Foto/Grafik: Label Step
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