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Metin Yilmaz (3K) passed away

The industry is mourning the death of a great entrepreneur and visionary: in May 2020, Metin Yilmaz, founder of the Istanbul carpet export company 3K, died at the age of 60.

Yilmaz began his carpet career in the 1970s at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul as a cleaner, made it to business manager within 15 years, opened his own carpet business ... and finally founded 3K (for 3 Kusak - "three generations") together with his two brothers: Yilmaz's father Murat and his son Yağız Murat were also involved alongside the three brothers. Handmade carpets, especially kilims, were on the 3K programme, which was exported to wholesalers and retail chains all over the world.

Yilmaz, who, according to his own statement, "has the carpet virus in his blood", had carpets handmade by mountain nomads following a long-standing tradition. But 3K's programme also included very contemporary carpets: licensing agreements with the Mattel Group, for example, brought the famous Barbie onto the carpet. The company also cooperated with international top brands such as Versace, Calvin Klein or Esprit Home (Wecon Home) and opened the first pure Esprit Home Shop in Istanbul in 2003. "His visions were never limited," Yağız Murat Yilmaz writes about his father. "His trustfulness, big heart, amazing leadership skills, the dedication for his family will always be missed."

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Metin Yilmaz (3K) passed away
Foto/Grafik: Yağız Murat Yilmaz
Metin Yilmaz
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