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Tisca: Markus Lippert retires

For several decades Markus Lippert played a formative role in the carpet industry, most recently as general sales manager for the Austrian supplier Tisca Textil. Now he is taking his well-deserved retirement. "However, you never quite retire from this profession," says Lippert.

The carpet expert with a great sense of humour and passion for the industry started his career working for the Augsburg carpet gallery Kröll & Nill, then for furniture stores such as Neubert, Hiendl and Finke, with numerous trips to the countries of origin: India, Iran, Turkey and Nepal. Lippert has also been particularly committed to promoting young carpet salespeople. Five years ago, Tisca Textil brought him into the team as their general sales manager. "During this time, he and the sales team he led contributed significantly to Tisca's success," it says in the company's press release. It is not yet known who will succeed him.

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Tisca: Markus Lippert retires
Foto/Grafik: Markus Lippert
Markus Lippert
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