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Otto Golze: Custom-size design carpets in different price ranges

With its major brands Astra and Schöner Wohnen, Otto Golze offers a wide range of carpet qualities and designs. The range of custom sizes for both brands is now becoming broader and broader, encompassing not only numerous plain carpets, but also over 60 designs. The carpets cover a wide spectrum from an entry-level price range to very high-quality machine-woven carpets with up to 2 million points per m2. They are made of easy-care synthetic fibres, viscose or an attraktive mix of materials. Some popular designs that could previously only be ordered in fixed sizes are now also available in custom sizes.

Moreover, Golze offers a great deal of flexibility in terms of shape and size. Not only rectangular carpets are possible, by the way; the automated cutting machine can also produce round, oval or other special shapes, and in no time at all. The maximum carpet size is 400 x 1000 cm. After cutting, each custom size is hand-finished in Golze's in-house sewing department and carefully overlocked with a suitable border in matching colours.

Golze will deliver all custom-made carpets awithin 14 days. All qualities from the Astra and Schöner-Wohnen collections bear well-known certificates, such as Oeko-Tex or Goodweave.

At the POS, a new, easy-to-understand product presenter showcases the sample scarves for the custom-size collections. With its maximum diameter of around 80 cm (fully equipped), it requires very little floor space. At the same time, Golze is supplementing the previous sample scarves with new, larger ones: with their dimensions of 25 x 60 cm per design, they convey a better picture of the actual carpet.

Some of the new designs for custom-size carpets can be delivered immediately, others will be available this summer.

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Otto Golze: Custom-size design carpets in different price ranges
Foto/Grafik: Otto Golze
Astra Morena. Otto Golze
Otto Golze: Custom-size design carpets in different price ranges
Foto/Grafik: Otto Golze
Product presenter for custom-size Schöner Wohnen carpets. Otto Golze
Wunschmaß-Präsenter Schöner Wohnen. Otto Golze
Otto Golze: Custom-size design carpets in different price ranges
Foto/Grafik: Otto Golze
After cutting, each custom size is hand-finished in Golze's in-house sewing department.
Nach dem Zuschnitt wird jedes Wunschmaß in der Golze-internen Näherei handveredelt

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