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Kika/Leiner reaches all its objectives and celebrates new opening

The Austrian furniture store chain Kika/Leiner has so far "fully achieved all planned objectives" in the current financial year (start: 1 October 2020) despite several lockdowns – this was announced by CEO Reinhold Gütebier at a press conference in St. Pölten. The chain store was able to profit from the strong online business and the continuing trend towards kitchens. The company also made gains in the sleeping and home office sectors. Concerning the online business, there is talk of growth in the high double-digit range. According to Gütebier, the annual result will be above that of the previous year.

After a complete renovation, the Kika furniture store in St. Pölten was ceremoniously reopened on 1 July (about 22,000 m2 of sales area); during the six months of work, "a high amount in the millions" had been invested in the renovation. In addition to managing director Reinhold Gütebier, owner René Benko was also present: the Signa Group of the Tyrolean investor had taken over Kika and Leiner from the German-South African furniture group Steinhoff in 2018.

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