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Sustainability: These are the customers' priorities

In its latest consumer report, the Initiative Digitale Handelskommunikation (IDH) again analysed the importance of sustainability for consumers. (IDH is an initiative of leading providers in the field of digital trade communication.) The result: 86% of consumers are (very) interested in sustainability, which their purchasing decisions directly reflect. However, this mostly concerns groceries. Almost half of consumers (46%) generally pay attention to environmental and quality labels. However, in product categories such as furniture and home accessories, quality is currently the most important factor in the purchase decision. Price, sustainability and brand take a back seat here.

On the other hand, almost half of the respondents (49%) are willing to pay more money for products if they are more sustainable. Most respondents consider it the companies', but also the politicians' responsibility: 69 % demand that the newly-elected government take a stronger stance on the issue of environmental and climate protection.

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Sustainability: These are the customers
Foto/Grafik: IDH
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